The Process Using Our Plans

Vertical Builders

The Vertical Builders Process

The idea of building a home can seem formidable and intimidating but through the Vertical Builders Process, we can eliminate a lot of this anxiety through our open communication and organized approach. The result is a satisfied client that is rewarded by having a quality built home that they will enjoy and create fond memories for many years to come.

In today’s fast paced environment, we strive to be mindful of your time and streamline each step of the process. Before we sit down to discuss plans and options, we ask that you get Pre-approved by our preferred lender. You are not required to use our lender but when you are Pre-approved by a trusted source, we can ensure that we optimize everyone’s time by accurately helping you navigate the various options that are available.

Steps for a Vertical Builders Home

Get pre-approved by our preferred lender. This helps to ensure we have an accurate budget number so we can optimize our efforts to help you find or create you new home.

Our land – easy!  Proceed to step 3

Your land – easy!  Proceed to step 3

Need to find land?  No problem! If our inventory does not fit your criteria, we are happy to help you find land. We refer our clients to a team of specialized realtors that have a vast knowledge or raw land and what it takes to be able to build a new construction house. After you have a lot under contract that you feel is “The One,” we will meet you on site to walk it with you, lay out the approximate house location and provide any recommendations. When you are ready to put the land/lot under contract, your real estate agent will include a “Study Period” in the contract. This will enable us to conduct a series of reviews and test to ensure the lot is suitable to build.

**If the client or builder does not have lots/land, this can be the largest time variable depending on the availability of lots and land that suits the clients needs. Once land is found, the study period and closing of the land should take around 45 days

We begin by starting a dialogue to determine what our clients are seeking in a new home. This factors in size, bedrooms, style, design, functionality, location and budget to name a few. From here we can review the options that are available.

Option 1– Choose one of our plans- Skip to Step 6

Option 2– Make changes to one of our plans- Proceed to step 4

Alter one of our plans- Sign contract and non-refundable deposit to alter plans- 1-3 Weeks

Plan alteration Pricing- This process is usually 2-3 weeks

Sign Contract to build home.

Upon signing of contract we will contact you to set up a time to meet at our design center so that you can review all available options and make the selections for your home.

While you are making selections, we will prepare and submit for the building permit.

Upon completion of finish selections, we will conduct a preconstruction meeting to review the plans in conjunction with the finishes. We will make alterations as requested by our clients and provide any costs associated with the changes. Once the building permit is received and all selections/changes are complete, construction will commence.

We have found that by making selections and conducting preconstruction meetings prior to building the home many unknowns are removed from the process and stress is ultimately alleviated.  Our Clients  will have confidence knowing that we have “built the home on paper” and planned out the entire build.  This in turn, alleviates many of the uncertainties that arise in the construction process and helps to reduce the amount of client requested change orders. All steps ensure our clients can enjoy the home-building process without the stress of rushing to make decisions and selections.

Your work is done, you have made your selections and you get to kick back and relax. Now we start CONSTRUCTION!! Every job is different, but the baseline schedule is the same for building a home. Construction time frames vary due to many factors including home size, complexity, weather, etc. but most homes fall take between 4-5 months to build.

  1. Clearing and driveway installation
  2. Digging and pouring footings
  3. Foundation installation
  4. Floor, wall and roof framing
  5. Roofing
  6. Installation of exterior doors and windows
  7. Rough plumbing
  8. Rough HVAC
  9. Rough electrical
  10. Insulation
  11. Garage and porch concrete- If applicable
  12. Drywall
  13. Siding and exterior trim
  14. Garage door installation
  15. Cabinetry and interior trim
  16. Tile
  17. Countertops and backsplash
  18. Painting
  19. Electrical trim out
  20. HVAC trim out
  21. Plumbing trim out
  22. Carpet
  23. Punch list
  24. Cleaning
  25. Final inspections
  26. Home Orientation walk through meeting

Within a month of closing, we will send you a Home Orientation Packet to familiarize yourself with the home’s components, systems, survey, warranty policy, etc.  Prior to closing, we will schedule a Home Owner Orientation where we will meet on site to review all the systems, locations, and procedures of how to properly operate and maintain the home.

Congratulations, you are ready to close on your home.

We just completed your beautiful new home and you have moved in. As you adjust to your new home it will also adjust to you! Every new home consists of thousands of components that have been assembled to create an individual structure. This structure often needs time to adjust, settle and acclimate to its new environment. For this reason, every builder of a new construction home is required to conduct a 1 year warranty. We provide a 1 year warranty but we have found that most warranty items are noticed within the first 30 days, so we offer a 45 day punch. Around 30 days we ask that you send us a list of warranty items so that we can schedule a time to come out and address any items as needed.

At 11 months we ask that you send us a list of warranty concerns. We will then schedule a time to come to the home and address any warranty items. If, at any time prior to the 11 month mark, an emergency occurs, we ask to be notified immediately.