Why Choose Us?

Why Vertical Builders?

At Vertical Builders, we not only build homes to fit your lifestyle but we design for it. We believe that a house is more than four walls and a roof. Your home is a sanctuary that provides comfort, convenience, and a place to make memories for years to come. It can be a reflection of you, your taste and your lifestyle. We design all our homes with these ideals in mind. We provide a wide array of sizes, styles and features to help accommodate our clients.

We aspire to design and create beautiful homes that provide pleasing aesthetics, but we also consider the need to be practical and pragmatic. After all, you will be living in the home and that is not lost in the design process. We are very proud of the fact that our plans are drawn by our in-house draftsman who has over 20 years of experience. What this means for you is that the plans have been carefully thought through to consider specifics like functional design, furniture placement, spatial orientation, or the potential need for additional space.

We know that our clients are not all the same and neither are their lifestyles. For this reason, we do not design all of our plans the same. Client needs and preferences vary widely and for this reason we offer diversity in our plans. Some clients may prefer a 1 story plan, also known as a ranch plan, or they may prefer a 2-story plan. Ranch plans provide the ability for complete 1st floor living and we have several clients to whom that is very important. Sometimes, a 1st floor primary suite is desired while the remainder of bedrooms are located upstairs. Guest Suites have also become very popular for those who have visitors on a frequent basis. We have even altered our plans to allow for an in-law suite in lieu of the garage.

We usually start with a series of questions to help us assist our clients to find plans that suite their needs.  These needs may be determined by number of bedrooms, overall home size, budget, or other lifestyle demands.   This helps us to optimize your time and find the best options available. 

In a single plan alone, we may offer multiple elevations that feature a Traditional, Colonial, Farmhouse, or Artisan look.  Our clients have the ability to choose any elevation they wish that drastically changes the look of the home.  They can then select the colors to personalize their home.  Another advantage to multiple elevations is the fact that when building in neighborhoods, a floor plan may be built more than once.  Having the ability to create multiple elevations allows for a varied streetscape where no home is the same.  With so many options, you can truly customize the exterior look of your home.  

We also offer multiple structural options.  These range from aesthetic features to very functional ones and a plan may offer several.  Bonus rooms, additional bedrooms, screen porches, suite options, and dormers are to name just a few.  These options are pre-determined and make the decision- making process seamless and easy.  You can budget quickly knowing the cost of the base home and any structural options that you may elect to incorporate into the build.  It also helps to ensure that there are less surprises during the building process. We want the entire construction experience to be as enjoyable and stress free as possible – from start to finish.    

In addition to the exterior, we also offer a variety of choices for the interior structure of your home.  We offer many options for the interior design that give you the opportunity to truly personalize the space.   With so many ways to personalize the look, feel and flow of your home we feel that you will end up with a home that is truly unique to you.   And by having these built- in design options, the decision making becomes much more manageable and allows you to further enjoy the process of designing your dream home. 

Once you have decided on a plan and structural customizations for your home, our design team will work with you on making selections to make it yours.   We have a beautiful Design Studio right here in our office to help you make the vision for your home become a reality.   We offer multiple options and have samples of everything here to save you from making multiple trips around Richmond to choose finishes.  This is not only a convenience but helps provide a better product.  Making your selections here in the office allows you to coordinate your finishes all in one spot.

Our Project Coordinator will work with you to select all of the colors, finishes and products associated with the home.  We can help you find your aesthetic and offer as much or as little assistance as you prefer when it comes to choosing finishes.   Our design team is knowledgeable on current trends and can help you make decisions about fixtures and color palettes.  We have grouped the selections into stages in order to organize and focus the process.  This helps to ensure that an area is coordinated and complete prior to jumping to another.  For example, we will have you choose your elevation and colors prior to making kitchen and flooring options inside of the home.  

At Vertical Builders we are a tight knit team that is working towards a unified goal.  We treat every client as part of that team.  That is the approach we take when you allow us to build your home.   Our goal is to pair you with the best plan that fits your lifestyle, while providing a stress-free process that results in a quality-built home and an ecstatic client. 

We believe in the value of a well- built house and understand the importance of the word HOME.   We aspire to assist you in the creation of the home of your dreams where you will form memories for a very long time.  We want you to tell everyone about the amazing experience you had with your builder and while recommending Vertical Builders to all your friends.  If those things happen, then we will have done our jobs successfully.