Your Land or Ours

Clients frequently ask us if we will build on their land or do we only build in neighborhoods?  Since 2006, we have prided ourselves on having the ability and versatility to do both.  It can be more challenging to build on spot lots and requires a lot more windshield time.  Not many builders enjoy doing both but we do!  We recognize that not everyone would like to live in a subdivision, and conversely, not everyone needs as much privacy as some clients may require. Our clients are diverse, desire different features and amenities while coming from many different areas.  Our aspiration is to provide options that will serve as many of our client’s needs as possible.  For these reasons we offer our clients the option to build on their land or ours, in over 10 counties around the Richmond Metro Region.    

When we first started building homes, we built on individual lots throughout the Richmond Metro area. Since then, we have built in many neighborhoods where we may own 10 or more lots.  We still enjoy the opportunity to build 1 house on a spot lot or a client’s lot.  We always keep an inventory of individual lots and land that we offer our clients. These lots may range from infill lots in the City, to neighborhood lots, to acreage sites throughout the counties

Vertical Builders Land

You may ask yourself, what is the advantage to building on land owned by Vertical Builders?  The answers vary but we have listed a few bullet-pointed answers below

  • Good Lots can be hard to find – At Vertical Builders we find lots a variety of different ways.  Often, these come from off market sources, but we still find some vs the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  When we purchase them from off market sources, the lots are usually discounted.  This in turn allows us to pass the savings on to our clients.  When we purchase lots off the MLS, we typically pay retail prices.  Sellers also may require quicker closing periods which is challenging in a strong real estate market.  Appraisers, AOSE’ and Surveyors have carried a strong backlog and are struggling to hit deadlines.   This in turn can delay closings. 
  • When purchasing Vertical Builders land, you know that the land or lot is buildable. We have done all the preparatory work required to ensure that we are able to build a house on the site.  There can be many factors that prevent a site from being buildable, but we conduct a due diligence process before purchasing land and offering it to our clients.  If clients must do this themselves, it can be quite an undertaking and there could be some expensive learning curves along the way.  The saying “You don’t know what you don’t know” can often be applied when evaluating a piece of dirt. 
  • Vertical Builders finances the home’s construction on their land. We have arrangements with banks already in place and will typically commence construction quicker than you would be able  if you got a construction loan.  
  • Optimal home site. During the due diligence period we have walked, evaluated, and located the best home site on the parcel.  We consider many factors to determine each home site. We then prepare a plot plan so that we can prepare for the building permit in a timelier fashion. 
  • If the Vertical Builders lot requires a septic system, you will know where it is located and what type of system just by asking a question, without having to spend any money out of pocket. A septic system can be a very effective and inexpensive system when they are designed as a conventional, gravity system. In cases where the topography does not allow for a gravity system, a pump system will be required.  This can add thousands of dollars to the cost of the build.  If the On-Site Evaluator (OSE) determines that the percolation rate of the soil is not adequate for a conventional system, an alternative system will need to be used.  If an alternative system is required, the cost of the system can triple, quadruple or worse.  
  • Time- If you have not purchased land, it may take several months or longer to find and when you do, there is still lots of work to be done. If you are interested in any Vertical Builders lots or land, the work has already been done for you. 


These items address several uncertainties when it pertains to finding land but does not cover them all. 

Your Land

As we discussed the advantages of building on Vertical Builders land, we would not want to forsake the opportunity to discuss why you should build on your land. Considering this, we have listed a few reasons below. 

Reasons for wanting to build on your own land. 

  • You already own the land- You may have already purchased, inherited or have been gifted a piece of land. Obviously this is a no brainer!
  • You may have found a really nice parcel that we were not aware of. We keep our eyes open for good lots but sometimes we miss them or we are not able to add to our current inventory until we work through it. 
  • You may have looked through our inventory and we did not have any lots or land that suited your needs. Reasons may be location, size, or a multitude of other reasons.  We typically do not inventory lots over 6 acres.    
  • You are unsure what you are looking for and need to explore all the options before making a decision.


Please note that we do not have a preference to either build on your land or ours.  We appreciate the opportunity to build you a home that fits your lifestyle. 

If you do not have land and have decided that you are not interested in our inventory, we are happy to pair you with our preferred real estate agents that specializes in new construction and land.  They are a very valuable resource that assist with the due diligence process.  The substantially reduce wasted time chasing unbuildable or problematic lots and land.